We Need More Political Courage

Cory Bernardi has called for Australia’s leaders to have the political courage to stand as part of the global community but remain “fiercely independent of their bureaucratic demands”.

We Need More Political Courage

Mr Bernardi expressed concern over “weak spots” in the Coalition lineup, with some members not having the “commitment or the intellectual rigour necessary for what lies ahead”.

“We have the natural resources, we have the space, we have the people; in fact, we have everything we need to make Australia the safest, most productive and most prosperous nation on earth.

We are lacking just one thing. We just don't have the political leadership to fulfil that potential.”

Mr Bernardi also addressed rumours that former treasurer Josh Frydenberg was considering re-entering politics.

“I don't know anyone that says Frydenberg isn't intelligent.

He's actually very, very sharp and would bring powerful policy strength to the Coalition.”

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