We Can't Afford this Nonsense Anymore

Our resident seafarer, Stuart Ballantyne has assumed the helm of the good ship Australia. Here's the course he's charting.

We Can't Afford this Nonsense Anymore
Photo by orbtal media / Unsplash

It was instilled into me from my Labor voting Dad, a Presbyterian carpenter with a fairly black and white view of life, that “you don’t buy anything until you can afford it”  

As a teenager I was enthusiastically viewing cars as my first acquisition target, and despite being offered 'finance terms' from a dodgy car yard in Geelong, my Dad did not allow it.

So after saving a meagre amount, I bought a Morris Minor convertible that was well past it’s use by date.

Being home from the sea only 4-5 days a month and not having a driver’s licence were two good reasons not to buy a car, but obsession trumps common sense any day.

The following month I was arrested at Ocean Grove for driving without a licence and had to sell the car to pay the fine.

Plan B was to find an older girlfriend with a car and licence. Little did I know, but cougars were prowling even in those days and that should have been my Plan A.

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