We Can See Where This Ends

When you institutionalise identity politics the beginning is often benign but there are some terrible examples of where it usually ends up.

We Can See Where This Ends

There's lots of messed up stuff going on in the world and I have to admit, much of it is happening in the West.

We are destroying the very foundation of our civilisation through a series of actions that serve no purpose.

Unless you count the aforementioned destruction as the major purpose.

That's probably the most rational conclusion as we destroy the concept of male and female, rewrite or erase history, and introduce institutionalised racism, sexism and elitism.

The elitism is evident through the hypocrisy of those entrusted with 'expertise' or political power. While implementing lockdowns they were sneaking around having affairs or hosting secret parties.

They're the same types who lecture us about climate change and reducing emissions while flying around the world on their private jets.

Another group of social activists insist that gender is entirely a social construct while also proclaiming that women are oppressed because of their gender.

These gender-bending mental contortionists won't defend women's sport from men who claim to be women but will insist that we introduce mandated rules to support women.

These range from equal pay for sporting players (despite delivering unequal results) through to government funded television broadcasts that few seem to want to watch.

Women and those who claim to be trapped in the wrong body now receive preferment when it comes to jobs and access on the basis of diversity.

From the Washington Post

It's an absurdity that the elites expect us all to accept.

That diversity preference also plays out in the race space.

What the PC brigade now call 'people of colour' are now a compliance box-checking exercise for any company with a public profile.

They are judged, not solely on their bottom line profit, but on the scores they receive from the woke mob controlling the public cash.

At it's very root, such discrimination and prejudice is evil. It is anathema to every value many publicly purport to hold dear. And yet, they push this madness with all the enthusiasm of the hypocritical zealot.

One can only wonder where it could all end up.

Decades ago we say the injustice of the South African apartheid regime.

Race (and skin colour) became the defining characteristic of societal access. If your skin was too dark, you became a second or third class person.

Incredibly, despite the overt racism, many black people went to South Africa from neighbouring countries because work and money were available.

Quite rightly the apartheid regime was shut down.

Unfortunately it was replaced with another apartheid regime with the colour roles reversed.

Good meaning people insisted on colour quotas and minimum business ownership percentages for black people. They received preferment in job opportunities and public funding.

The overt hostility to white people wasn't immediately evident like it was under the previous administration but it has only been a matter of time.

Here's a clip of South Africa's Black Political Party singing "Kill the Boer (whites), kill the white farmer"


A South African political rally in 2023

This disgusting behaviour is directly downstream from the type of actions we are seeing in the West today.

Remember the excuses made for the looting, killing and rioting during the BLM movement? Politicians, media and corporates all backed in the lawlessness under the guise of justice.

It was a sickening insight into just how captured by this poison much of our society is. That those behind the 'cause' are now proven to be grifters and criminals, also shows how stupid so many in positions of authority are.

While we are just getting started with Critical Race Theory (CRT), wokeness and enshrining racism into our Constitution, South Africa has been at it for three decades now.

Here's their Human Rights Commission defending the indefensible on the basis of race.


A judgement from the SA HRC five years ago

The result of that is easy to see for anyone who cares to.

South Africa is a broken and racist nation, where whites are targeted on the basis of their skin colour. While the violence and discrimination is extreme, it didn't start like that.

No, it began with well intentioned policies designed to help one group of people purely on the basis of their skin colour or identifying characteristics.

That's pretty much what our politicians and elites are trying to do right now.

I just wonder why they think it will end differently?

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