We Are Losing Our Nation

The country is being enslaved by government mandated tyranny.

We Are Losing Our Nation
Photo by Mark Duffel / Unsplash

South Australian's got their first taste of vaccine segregation this week.

As the borders of Marshmallow land opened up to those willing to seek permission to return to their home state, the dreaded vaccine mandate kicked in.

There are so many things wrong with what is going on here that I scarcely know where to begin.

Firstly, the idea you have to apply for permission to return to the state in which you live, where you own property, where you are employed and pay loads of government rates and charges is appalling.

That some bureaucrat gets to make that decision, often with little real knowledge is incredible.

When we returned from a Queensland holiday some months ago, my wife and I received a denial of entry into South Australia.

It arrived after we had landed and been through the airport arrival process.

In mandatory home-detention, the personnel at each of our three tests over the fortnight all asked us what our instructions were because 'everyone is told something different'.

What a way to run a health police state!

Layer upon layer of incompetence right to the top of the political pile.

Then we have the new double-vaxxed or you can't come in businesses process.

In principle, I truly believe that any private owner should be allowed to determine who they want as their customer. The market will eventually sort it out.

However, advocates for vaccine discrimination can't readily explain why similar discrimination doesn't apply to any other form of health or community threat.

Surely every business is entitled to ask individuals to provide proof they don't have blood borne illnesses in case they have an open wound or sore. What about proof of vaccination against TB or influenza? What about if you don't want to serve drug addled losers or people with different opinions to you?

Many may think that militant leftists are more dangerous to society than COVID so a questionnaire on political views is probably also in order.

Of course you wouldn't be allowed to do those things so why is disclosing your private medical history any different?

Some say it's to save the health system. In that case we should weigh people to enter a restaurant or track their consumption of food and drink. Again, it is preposterous but the principle is the same as what they are inflicting on us now.

We know from international experience that the COVID vaccines don't cure the illness or prevent the virus from spreading. In fact some data shows they actually makes things worse as they wear off.

That's why there is talk of a perpetual booster program.

And don't let Federal or State governments tell you these things are not mandatory. Businesses know, unless they comply they won't win any more government contracts or be allowed to operate in government buildings.

In a nation like Australia where government is the biggest business in the country and so many others are dependent on it, that's tantamount to being banned from the only store in a remote community.

While the principle itself is appalling, none of this would be so bad if the vaccines were actually proven safe and effective.

Unfortunately, despite almost every media report on them including those words, they are not.

The mRNA vaccine testing has been rushed and the significant side-effects have been deliberately downplayed. I dare say if these same side effects were evident in any other vaccine rollout they would have been withdrawn from sale.

This is the State of South Australia and unfortunately, it's similar right around the country.

Government imposed tyranny is here and despite the rhetoric of the Prime Minister about 'freedom', every government in the country is facilitating it.

We are losing our nation and now live in a state of tyranny.

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