War Footing Foolishness

Australia is now at war. Or at least on a war like footing according to the Prime Minister who said as much to national cabinet.

War Footing Foolishness

Australia is now at war. Or at least on a war-like footing, according to the Prime Minister, who said as much to the national cabinet.

Our adversary this time is the government declaring war on itself over the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

If he thinks the political opportunists who comprise the national cabinet committee will save us, then things must be pretty desperate.

He said as much:

“There are serious challenges we need to overcome caused by patchy international vaccine ­supplies, changing medical advice and a global environment of need caused by millions of COVID-19 cases and deaths.”

Now, there isn’t much we can do about vaccine supplies except order more while hoping it works as promised and that the weight of our money moves us up the queue.

The changing medical advice is another issue entirely.

Here’s some of the stuff we’ve been told over the past twelve months by America’s top infectious diseases expert, Dr Fauci.

  • Coronavirus was not a significant threat, then became an apocalyptic pandemic and then was back to being a bad flu, then a global disaster again.
  • When questioned about the failure of his predictions, he said, ‘You can’t really rely on models’ – even though the entire world based their response on those very same models
  • Masks work, then they don’t.
  • Lockdowns work, then they don’t.
  • Double masking is the key
  • The vaccine will liberate us, except we have to wear masks and socially distance even after having it.

I could go on.

Sure, let's cut the experts some slack; they haven’t dealt with this particular panic before, so a little guesswork is expected. However, blind faith in guesswork, even by experts, is seldom wise.

If we are at war, then I’d suggest we are in a battle with common sense because it seems to have been defeated when it comes to coronavirus.

Australia’s rush to vaccinate people with an experimental product seems unnecessary in an island nation with very few cases of this flu-like virus.

Surely, we can take our time, get it right, and observe and benefit from what happens in other nations.

There’s a lot to learn about the short and long term impact of these new vaccines on people. It’s clear they do help the vulnerable to stave off the worst effects of coronavirus.

However, the manufacturers don’t say after vaccination that you won’t catch corona or can’t pass it on. They also won’t guarantee there are no side effects.

That’s why the government has given them an indemnity for any ‘inevitable’ side effects.

As some of those inevitable side effects become apparent, the medical advice continues to change. Like a war without end….maybe we can call this the Afghanistan virus….although that would likely be deemed racist

Best stick with the Wuhan flu.

Anyway, there is another apparent side effect revealed in a new study conducted by Tel Aviv university in conjunction with Israel’s largest health-care provider.

Let’s remember that Israel has been praised for its mass vaccination program, mostly using the Pfizer vaccine. It has led to a sharp drop in the recorded number of people falling ill.

Yet this new study reveals a potential problem.

It appears that those who have been treated with the Pfizer vaccine, are eight times more likely to be affected by the more dangerous South African strain of the coronavirus than those who have not been vaccinated.

It’s the first of its kind ‘real-world’ study but here are the caveats. It was done on a very small sample and hasn’t been peer reviewed. It also contradicts Pfizers own research which claims their vaccine is 100% effective against the South African strain.

Who to believe, the researchers, the big pharma companies or the government?

That’s up to individuals to determine for themselves but it does highlight that these vaccines are not necessarily the panacea some are predicting.

That’s why I wonder why we are rushing into another war, this time, one of our own making.

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