Votes Change the Country

While 'conservative' parties seem to have abandoned the culture wars, the political leet keep pushing feelings over truth.

Votes Change the Country
Photo by Finn / Unsplash

You change the government and you change the country.

I’ve heard multiple Prime Ministers mouth those words in celebration of victory and avoid defeat.

Based on what’s happening already under the Albanese government, they have never been more true.

In just 10 days, the Labor government has prioritised dividing Australians by race, dividing our parliament by race and appointed a minister for a republic.

Talk about fiddling while Rome burns. Whoever thought the culture wars were over failed to notice it was just the Liberals vacating the field on which the battle was being fought.

Changing our constitution to incorporate Aboriginal history won’t change anything about the reality of their wellbeing today. They’ll still be the lower life expectancy, poorer health outcomes, higher rates of domestic violence and child sexual abuse in many Aboriginal communities.

Clearing up those problems would mean so much more to so many than a few words in a document that people like Greens Senator Lydia Thorpe claims has no meaning to her…because she is Aboriginal.

She appears to hate Australia and doesn’t consider herself Australian but she’s happy to take the taxpayers cash and cosy Chairman’s lounge membership while railing against it all.

We can dismiss her views, not because she is an Aboriginal woman, but because they are the ravings of an extremist fringe.

Still, she’s in parliament along with 10 other people identifying as Aboriginal.

That’s statistically an over representation based on the proportion of Aboriginal people living in Australia today. I’d say that gives a pretty good voice to parliament already.

Still that’s not enough for Albanese. He wants more. An exclusive voice to parliament for those who haven’t been elected as one of our 76 senators or 151 House of Representative members.

A voice to the Australian parliament based exclusively on race. Many may think that sounds a tad racist. I am one of them.

I should also point out that every other MP and Senator can speak about Aboriginal issues in parliament too. It’s not like you have to be an Aboriginal to point out the bleeding obvious or try to come up with solutions to problems being experienced within their communities.

The people that say otherwise are likely the same ones that say only women can have a view on abortion….and they’re usually the same people who now claim women can have a penis.

The move toward divisive identity politics in Australia is part of an international wave that seeks to cover up the underlying issues causing many societal problems and looking to place responsibility anywhere but where it should lay.

In America, the disproportionate gun deaths of black Americans is blamed on police and white supremacy. Seldom is it pointed out that most occur when the trigger is pulled by another black man.

The US Democrats (and Labor and the Greens here) claim requiring voter identification to vote is racist and marginalises some communities. These are the same people who were more than happy to support vaccine passports to be shown to get into your local pub.

We’ve been conditioned to accept the abnormal as perfectly normal as part of a diversity and inclusion agenda.

Personally I think those who accept lies as the truth and then regurgitate it are the people with the serious problem. And yet there are so many of them out there.

I don’t know whether they are fooling themselves or just going along because they don’t care. Either way, they are being used by opportunistic politicians and social justice warriors to damage our society, not strengthen it.

It’s like these people are so desperate to be accepted and considered one of the enlightened elites,  that they’ll accept the most ludicrous ideas and concepts as empirical truth.

Logic has been sacrificed at the altar of identity politics. Discernment has been deleted from western civilisation and being judicious means you are labelled as being judgmental.

Abandoning the concepts of logic, discernment and judgement means we abandon our own history. It means the underpinnings of our society rots away until it collapses under the weight of its own foolishness.

When the greatest intellectual battle of our time is to agree on “what a woman is”, that cracking you hear is the  foundations struggling to cope with the load of fools we are now indulging.


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