USA Busy Crab Walking Away

The deep state is signalling its displeasure with Ukraine, which suggests their support is waning. We've seen the first sign. Now watch this space for more evidence the USA is crab-walking away.

USA Busy Crab Walking Away
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo / Unsplash

It would be best if you didn't rely on what the mainstream media tells you.

That's because they are primarily shills for the government, which can bestow favours and benefits on the news outlets.

These benefits come in the form of deregulation, licence fee relief or lucrative government advertising spending. The quid pro quo is that they don't challenge the official version of events portrayed by the ruling party.

We saw that during COVID, where questions of vaccine risks and efficacy were basically banned and questioning the science was seen as heresy.

Many of the talking heads who toed the official line are busy trying to cover their tracks. Pushing the patently ridiculous nonsense is now seen as a stain on their credibility and logic.

It's been much the same with the Ukraine war.

Officially, the media have been repeating that Ukraine is winning. Egging that false narrative on has cost as many as 500,000 Ukrainian lives.

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