Uniting the Left and Right

There's a growing movement in which people with different political views are uniting to fight a familiar foe. Their powerful opponents want to shut down any dissent.

Uniting the Left and Right
Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor / Unsplash

I spent an hour yesterday watching the Tucker Carlson video with Russell Brand.

To my mind, it was a brilliant encapsulation of where the world is at today.

At first, it seemed Brand had done a 180-degree turn in his political views, but that wasn't the case. He is still a 'Lefty' but is also a part of a much larger movement that eschews such political labels.

That more significant movement is what Brand and Carlson call anti-authoritarian. My preferred term is libertarian, and it's pretty much where I find myself positioned now.

I can be as conservative as I choose to be, but personally, I want to be free from the excessive coercion of government and authority figures.

Naturally, there are some limits to that too.

We need governments and rules but we are now suffering because of them.

Brand gave one example of how things have changed. He said the mainstream media have historically competed to break exclusive stories and valued their public reputation. Now, they conspire to hide stories and wilfully misrepresent the facts to suit a much darker agenda.

That agenda is globalism and the concentration of power in the hands of a relative few.

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