Understanding Human Nature

A closed mind often cannot see the opportunities and dangers that can dramatically change their lives. Most will refuse to accept that mistake well after the facts are known.

Understanding Human Nature
Photo by Ante Hamersmit / Unsplash

Believe it or not, I see parallels between the COVID-19 vaccines and Bitcoin.

The similarity all comes down to people's attitude, which usually depends on how they participated in one event or another.

Let me explain.

A month before the poisonous jabs were rolled out in Australia, I wrote about the lack of informed consent concerning the known dangers of mRNA vaccines.

Some of these dangers had been previously identified in a research paper that I made available on the Confidential Daily website.

You can read the article (from Feb 2021) here.

I got a lot of feedback about that post. Some readers were grateful for the information, but most took issue with me being sceptical of the safety of a government-sanctioned program.

It caused a lot of grief with my employers at the time too.

Apparently, lawyers know more about medical ethics and vaccine safety than medical researchers do.

In any event, it's a matter of record that tens of millions of people in this country went on to have the jabs despite mountains of information about the genuine medical concerns.

In effect, they surrendered their logic and autonomy to the government and 'experts' rather than think critically for themselves.

That's why most don't want to hear anything about the most significant medical scam in history or link the global excess deaths and severe health problems to the clot-shots themselves.

It's a measure of hiding from the fact that they allowed themselves to be conned. No one wants to be reminded of that, and only a few will ever admit they got it wrong.

I get it. It's human nature, and that's how I can draw a parallel with Bitcoin.

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