Ukraine is Not Our War

Joe Biden is morally and cognitively unfit for office, and we are crazy to follow him into a war that has nothing to do with Australia.

Ukraine is Not Our War
Photo by Tina Hartung / Unsplash

Lefties are renowned for having scant regard for the truth, especially when it interferes with their political agenda.

That’s why they make martyrs of liars and felons, why they blindly support even the most reprehensible individuals and why they cover up outrageous conduct. 

They are collectivists, and when the chips are down, they always side with the tribe irrespective of the issues. 

It’s how we came to have the enfeebled Joe Biden as President of the United States.

The Left so hated Trump, and the threat he posed to their power,  they’d back anyone against him

That anyone was Joe Biden.

Biden is apparently the most popular US President in history, receiving more votes than any other. This was despite not really campaigning and being mired in personal and professional scandals. 

Much of the worst of Biden’s disablement and dodginess were covered up by crooked media and dishonest democrats. We now know that the US law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and DoJ, were also involved in the deception.

There is now compelling evidence that Biden solicited a $10 million bribe from a Ukrainian energy company to change US policy.

Some would say that is treason. I’d say it’s certainly not appropriate. 

But it does help support my thesis that Ukraine has been a corrupt money-washing laundromat for US politicians for decades. It also helps explain the irrational pursuit of conflict escalation in Ukraine by the Biden presidency.

They clearly don’t want more evidence to emerge about the true extent of  US corruption linked to Ukraine.

Here's Biden announcing an investigation into Elon Musk, whose business is at the forefront of exposing the Biden Family Dealings. 

Talk about chutzpah. Biden is accusing Musk of his own crimes.


Outside of sicking government agencies onto his critics, the next best way to avoid scrutiny is to keep the dogs of war barking for as long as you can.

That way everyone is distracted and there’s a better than good chance the evidence will ultimately be destroyed.

That may be why hundreds of billions of US taxpayer funds are flowing to Ukraine despite the US officially not being involved in the war. Unless that is, you consider sending cluster bombs, an ordinance the use of which the US once described as a war crime, counts as being involved

And why are the US administration so unconcerned with the number of Ukrainian officials being exposed as corrupt?

We’ve seen some high ranking officials arrested and know that there are claims that only one third of the weapons sent actually find their way to the frontline. There are also  suggestions that billions of US dollars are finding their way to secret bank accounts, and not just those belonging to the Biden family.

Much of this is suppressed by the same dishonest media that covered up the previous evidence suggesting Biden family criminality. 

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian men have been slaughtered in recent weeks as the foolish decision (by the US and UK) to reject a negotiated peace settlement has extracted a heavy price. 

Australia is enthusiastically supporting this madness with hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and kind being sent to Ukraine. We are backing Biden’s war. 

And it is Biden’s war. 

As I said, the US (and UK) rejected a peace deal that was acceptable to both Russia and Ukraine. Not one of the mainstream media has dared to ask why?

Well I ask why are we supporting a clearly compromised US regime that is teetering on third world status for credibility, transparency and integrity?

Ukraine is not our war. 

Despite the official move across borders by Putin, the genesis of this war goes back to the US backed 2014 Ukraine Presidential coup and the failed promises relating to the Minsk agreement. 

Ethnic Russians were being treated abominably in parts of Ukraine and they were promised a decision on their autonomy. That promise was never honoured. 

It’s telling that most of the alternative candidates vying for the US Presidency have committed to de-escalating the current conflict. That’s because they know that this war is as dishonest as the Biden family business dealings. 

My sense is that Biden’s time as President is coming to an end.

He will be abandoned by Democrats and his family criminality will eventually be pardoned by him on his way out or by his successor (if it’s a Democrat). 

That won’t change his legacy leading to the destruction of Ukraine but I see no reason why Australia should play any further part in the monumental folly of backing a leader who is singularly unfit, physically and morally, for the role they hold. 

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