UK to Dump Vaccine Passports

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly set to scrap plans to make vaccine passports compulsory at venues .

UK to Dump Vaccine Passports
Photo by Eva Dang / Unsplash

A scheduled press conference on Tuesday is expected to announce the abandonment of plans to make vaccine passports an entry requirement at nightclubs and cinemas. The exemption may also apply to sporting fixtures.

The U-turn comes amid a backlash from Tory backbench MPs, who had criticised the proposals and said it would create a group of second-class citizens.

It's about time a group of politicians did their job rather than slavishly obey the diktats of unelected bureaucrats.

Here in Australia, there are few in public life who are prepared to swim against the health zealot's zeitgeist.

Instead, the follow the standard processes undertaken in countries like Israel and somehow expect a different result. It's mind-numbingly foolish.

To compound the foolishness, they have now banned the treatment that has proven its efficacy in India - Ivermectin.

I posed this question on Twitter recently.

To me, it is simply astounding that there is no standard protocol to mitigate the development of COVID disease in early diagnosis. As long as something is safe, then surely it should be tried as it is almost certainly better than doing nothing.

Unfortunately all the Aussie COVID eggs are in the vaccine basket. But make no mistake, these are experimental which is why the TGA here has given them 'provisional approval'.

Here's what the TGA website has to say about that.

All medicines have side effects. However, when a medicine is new to the market it is impossible for us to know all the possible side effects.

Although evidence is still being collected on the medicine, we have assessed the available data and made a decision based on that.

To ensure the safety of provisionally approved medicines to the best of our ability, we will:

- make sure all available evidence shows that the benefits of the medicine outweigh any risks

- monitor the medicine more closely so that any issues are identified-ensure all applications for approval include a plan on how the drug company will conduct more research on the medicine’s safety and efficacy

- limit, suspend or cancel the approval if there are major patient safety concerns.

The admission that it is impossible to know possible side effects is justification enough not to mandate a vaccine across an entire population.

Yesterday I was stopped in the street by a lady who told me that the 'underground' whisperings of the vaccine hesitant network reminded her of what her mother described happened in France during WW2.

Who could have thought it would come to that in Australia nearly eighty years later?

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