Twilight of the Elites

As global elites display how out of touch they are with the concerns of ordinary people, more citizens are waking up to the truth of the world our political leaders have created.

Twilight of the Elites
Photo by Josh Felise / Unsplash

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and found time to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

The global left would also hope you observed the Transgender Day of Visibility, held on one of Christianity's most holy days, Easter Sunday.

That provided the opportunity needed for the usual suspects to ignore the significance of Easter and promote the mental illness promoted as transgenderism.

Here's Australia's Foreign Minister Penny Wong's Easter message.

Plenty of holy spirit in that heartfelt message, but it was shortly followed by the noticeably bigger and more attention-grabbing salute to the trannies.

Committed Catholic Joe Biden did marginally better with a religious Easter message, shortly followed by the trans-recognition propaganda.

That means when one views the US President's Twitter feed, the first thing one sees is the statement of trans-solidarity.

And it's not as if we don't have enough diversity days for the alphabet mafia community.

Contrast the list below with the annual Mother's Day, Father's Day and Anzac Day commemoration.

How many more days do they want

As the world is falling apart spiritually, economically, morally and militarily, our political elites think this sort of virtue-signalling matters.

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