Truth is an Innocent Victim

Truth doesn’t seem to matter any more. It has become an innocent victim of the car crash that is modern politics.

Truth is an Innocent Victim

So Donald Trump was impeached today….meh….just another day at the office for the man the left love to hate.

There was no principle attached to the actions of the US congress. It was simply a matter of numbers and an exercise in political power and punishment.

The only people that really care are those in the political bubble or are hyper partisan lefty cheerleaders.

Of course that still amounts to a sizeable group and many of them are in strong positions to influence and shape public opinion.

Remember, these same people are the ones that carried on for four years about various fabricated stories designed to discredit Trump,  which they knew to be a hoax all along.  

Do you recall the Russia collusion and Ukrainian corruption sagas that led to Trump's previous impeachment? Totally bogus but few seem to really care.

It’s not much different here in Australia.

We are fed a diet of media mush and political spin.

Headlines are designed to be clickbait and fabricated outrage is seemingly everywhere. Truth doesn’t seem to matter, it’s the innocent victim of the car crash that is modern politics.

But again, few seem to really care. And this should worry those of us that actually do care.

When was the last time you heard our politicians discuss, truthfully, anything of real significance to our future?

The trillion dollar national debt….naah, no public interest.

The massive welfare state….naah, too many people on the drip.

The rorted national Disability Insurance Scheme…naah, too sensitive to discuss

The appalling conditions in many Aboriginal communities…naah, it’s not in my backyard so it really doesn’t matter.

These and many more, truly significant issues need to be addressed but there appears to be neither the will nor the interest in sorting them out.

It’s easier to kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with later on.

That’s been happening for decades. We are now living with the consequences. But we can’t only blame our politicians.

The blame really lies with us. Maybe not you and me, but us as a nation of citizens.

Gone are the days where we celebrated being independent of government, allowing them to more readily assist those truly in need.  Now it’s more about what we can get for free, whether we need it or not.

The problem is that nothing is free. Everything the government gives you is paid for by someone.

If you’re one of the shrinking band of taxpayers that contribute more than you get then it’s probably your money coming back to you.

For everyone else, the free stuff is paid for by someone else’s work.

Thanks to massive government borrowing what’s free to you today is being provided by people who probably aren’t even born yet.

Still, free stuff is good right? Well NO it’s not!

Remember - A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.

And that’s exactly what we are seeing now.

Government is taking away the livelihoods of business owners through reckless and indiscriminate decision making.

They have suspended property rights making landlords bear the costs usually borne by tenants.

The have expanded the welfare state to include almost everyone in the country while making the bureaucracy the enemy of those actually paying their salaries.

It’s a terrible state of affairs and yet too few really seem to care.

Maybe that’s because we look to other countries and it all seems so much worse  over there. The debts are bigger and the political divide is greater. Their pains make us feel so much better about ourselves.

But getting last place in the ugly person contest isn’t much to crow about. It doesn’t mean we are beautiful.

We are on a trajectory that will lead to the same destination we see elsewhere.

Division, dysfunction, deletion and dictatorial decision making

The big difference is that we can still do something to prevent the worst from happening.

That will take political will and an acceptance by the people that free stuff actually comes with a very hefty price tag.

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