Trump's Case

It's painfully obvious that the charges against Trump are orchestrated with the election in mind.

Trump's Case
Photo by Courtney Baucom / Unsplash
The Orchestrated Cases Against Trump Explained
Many people dislike Trump for personal reasons or because the media has succeeded in indoctrinating them against Trump, but once innocence or guilt depends on personal emotions, the rule of law is dead. And that is precisely what the Trump indictments indicate…


Australia’s Future with Tony Abbott: Voice Means Treaty
Tony Abbott, and Daniel Wild discuss why an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and a Treaty are a part of a package deal, and how a Treaty would divide Australians.
Tony Blair’s warning to Australia about climate change and energy policy | The Spectator Australia
Parliament is sitting. And you might wonder whether anything is being raised or discussed about the significant issues facing Australia. I will keep repeating that Chris Bowen is a dangerous advocate…


‘They Always Put America Last’: Scalise Condemns Biden Energy Sec following China Oil Revelations | National Review
The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve level has fallen to its lowest level since August 1983, while China has taken steps to expand its own reserves.
Iran responds to US military moves with more firepower
Iran equips naval forces with more weaponry as US considers plan to deploy troops on private ships in the Strait of Hormuz
Meloni Pushes to Outlaw Italian Participation in Global Surrogacy Industry - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics
A closer look at the practice reveals that there’s nothing compassionate or miraculous about surrogacy, despite positive media portrayal.

Business, Finance & Investment

9 Figures Is How Much? - Good Financial Cents®
Unlock the mystery behind 9 figures! Learn what it means, its value, and how many zeroes it entails in your bank account.
Fed’s Balance Sheet Going To $20 Trillion In The Next “Big Print”: Larry Lepard
Friend of Fringe Finance Lawrence Lepard released his most recent investor letter this week.
The Market Is Detached From The Real Economy - RIA
“The stock market is not the economy.” Such is the rationalization used by bullish investors to overpay for valuations.


The Left: What Is Left of It?
Today, we have no extreme right or far-right parties in Europe; we only have “populist” parties that have established themselves as parties of government in more than half of the European Union. Solidly based social democratic regimes in such places as
What if the George Floyd narrative is false?
What if the George Floyd narrative is false? By David Zimmer at Fox News. The death of George Floyd here in Minnesota sparked a burst of lawlessness not just in Minneapolis but across the country. …
The Rise and Rhetoric of the Climate Chicken Littles ⋆ Brownstone Institute
Our planet is a very complex set of ecosystems that have lifespans far beyond even human existence, some working together and some in competition

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - We make it easy
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Crypto’s Influence on Sports: Exploring the Intersection of Finance and Athletics
The world of sports has undergone a remarkable transition as a result of the growing influence of cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin price can go ‘full bull’ next month if 200-week trendline stays
Bitcoin on-chain metrics point to a “full bull” BTC price phase in September, argues analyst Cole Garner.


Obama Fantasized ‘About Making Love To Men’ In Letter To His Girlfriend, His Biographer Says | The Daily Wire
The biographer for former President Barack Obama made explosive statements during a lengthy interview published this week by Tablet Magazine. Historian David Garrow — who wrote Obama’s 2017 biography “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama” — talked about various aspects of who the former president…

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