Trump Hides the Truth

The media attention on Donald Trump allows the lies and the dishonesty of the Democrats to pass without comment. He has become their human shield.

Trump Hides the Truth

I can't work out if all the media attention on Donald Trump is just clickbait for failing outlets or an orchestrated distraction from the woes of the Biden administration.

Clearly the legacy media love to hate Trump.

He generates more headlines and page views than any politician before him. That translates to eyeballs and dollars for the media masters.

Little wonder they'll regurgitate the most outrageous lies simply to make a story about Trump.

Of course, the Donald loves the attention. His ability to suck the oxygen out of every room he enters denies his political opponents the exposure they want.

That's part of what killed Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016.

Trump so dominated the free media minutes that it made him even stronger.

It didn't matter that much of the coverage was critical, it just made his many supporters question the mainstream media agenda.

Clinton had her 'deplorables' moment too which helped the Trump campaign immeasurably.

This time, it seems a little different. Trump is still getting the attention but it seems more orchestrated from the Left than previously.

It's my firm belief that Trump was defeated in 2020 due to electoral irregularities. The evidence of that is there if you want to find it.

What's also clear is how crooked the justice system is in America.

We know the FBI and DoJ are in the pockets of the Democrats which saw a range of go slow investigations or malicious prosecutions.

That corrupt and politicised behaviour is why the Bill and Hillary Clinton haven't been charged with any number of offences.

It's the same with the Biden crime family. We've all seen the evidence but Hunter ( and others) are still free.

It's why no client of child-trafficker and deviant Jeffery Epstein has found themselves before a judge.

It's why the January 6 Capitol Hill tourists were imprisoned - the tapes effectively clearing their names were suppressed by the Democrats for political reasons.

Incredibly, one instigator of any problems, Ray Epps, lied to the January 6 congressional committee and is still free. Apparently he is a Democrat operative. .

But yesterday, Donald Trump was charged with a criminal offence by a partisan District-Attorney who received indirect funding from leftist billionaire George Soros. The offence is technically a misdemeanour.

This is the type of stuff that happens in Banana republics.

The Trump trial will be the media event of the year and win or lose, it will likely strengthen Trump's candidature for a Presidential run in 2024.

If he loses the case and is convicted or sent to jail, he could still run.

While the Republican bosses may not choose to endorse him, he could even run as an independent for President, even from his cell.

Splitting the Republican vote would almost guarantee the Democrats a victory, without the need to cheat quite as much as they did in 2020.

If Trump does win the Republican nomination, the Democrats know that Trump will split the right side of politics, and polarise the nation, with many establishment right of centre supporters declining to turn up to vote.

Add a bit of electoral shenanigans and the Democrats could get over the line again.

The other part of the Trump train is that with the focus on him, there is next to no discussion about the Biden family corruption, or the American act of war when they blew up the Nord-stream pipelines.

You'll also note that media coverage of the lies surrounding January 6 are virtually non-existent.

The same can be said of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husbands uncanny stock picking ability which always seemed to coincide with big policy announcements.

It's as if the attention on Trump is designed to draw any focus away from the dishonesty of the Democrats.

Given that the media and the political left are so clearly entwined, it's easy to conclude this is a professional stitch-up.

The world is falling apart and the institutions occupied by the Left are being exposed as more corrupt than ever before, except you won't read about it in the papers or see it on television.

All you see is Trump, Trump and more Trump. That seems to be by design.

The game is being rigged and they are hoping you won't notice until it's too late.

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