Trump Hides the Truth

The media attention on Donald Trump allows the lies and the dishonesty of the Democrats to pass without comment. He has become their human shield.

Trump Hides the Truth

I can't work out if all the media attention on Donald Trump is just clickbait for failing outlets or an orchestrated distraction from the woes of the Biden administration.

Clearly the legacy media love to hate Trump.

He generates more headlines and page views than any politician before him. That translates to eyeballs and dollars for the media masters.

Little wonder they'll regurgitate the most outrageous lies simply to make a story about Trump.

Of course, the Donald loves the attention. His ability to suck the oxygen out of every room he enters denies his political opponents the exposure they want.

That's part of what killed Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016.

Trump so dominated the free media minutes that it made him even stronger.

It didn't matter that much of the coverage was critical, it just made his many supporters question the mainstream media agenda.

Clinton had her 'deplorables' moment too which helped the Trump campaign immeasurably.

This time, it seems a little different. Trump is still getting the attention but it seems more orchestrated from the Left than previously.

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