Trapped in a Web of Lies

The truth is being hidden by a web of lies being pushed by politicians and the media. But the tyranny is slowly but surely being exposed, making those clinging to power even more desperate to keep it.

Trapped in a Web of Lies
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

One of the themes I often return to is that you cannot trust what politicians or the media tell you.

I have a simple reason for being suspicious of them.

It's because they lie.

They lie, not once or twice, but again and again and again.

And every deliberately misspoken word comes at your expense. The lies are designed to entrench power in the elites while diminishing yours.

But there are signs that people are waking up to the poison peddled by those in public life.

The purpose of this propaganda is to divide us and to weaken us. They want us to think we are bad people and that our neighbours are bad people too.

They want us to think that people with white skin are bad unless their skin colour isn't reflective of their chosen ethnicity. Then they are good.

They are trying to convince us that men can have babies and women can have a penis.

We're being bludgeoned into the belief that the earth is about to melt thanks to 'climate change'.

To borrow one of their slogans - 'always was, always will be'.

Of course, that slogan relates to the mooted primacy of so-called Aboriginal nations on whose land we apparently occupy.

It's funny how those who chant it so often don't seem to want to work to earn money to buy their own land, or if they do have some fee simple title, they don't want to give it back to the people they say rightfully owns it.

And what about the other grave injustices in the world?

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