Time to Do Amazing Things

Certain events can prompt us to make important changes in our lives. Just what those changes should be will be determined by your own personal priorities.

Time to Do Amazing Things
Photo by carolyn christine / Unsplash

I'm not having another mid-life crisis, but I am certainly doing a bit of a personal stocktake right now.

Let me explain.

First, it's been a long-standing joke in our family that my pursuit of new things is regularly called a mid-life crisis. I've had so many of them thus far that I can't keep count.

Over the past 20 years, there have been various obsessions with motorbikes, extreme sports, running, wine and fishing, to name a few.

These hobbies are still part of my life to varying degrees. The interest level waxes and wanes as new interests come on board.

By some measures, I'm having the most extended 'mid-life crisis' of anyone I know.

My wife takes comfort in the fact that a red Ferrari and a young blonde aren't part of the picture.

Of course, as do my family, I make fun of it all, but some recent events have given me real cause for thought.

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