Time to Break Free

The winds of global change are getting stronger and it's up to us as individuals to prepare ourselves.

Time to Break Free
Photo by FLY:D / Unsplash

New year, new you...let's leave all of that bunkum aside.

We all know that resolutions last about as long as a politicians pre-election promise.

We all need a year where we can really enhance our lives and be free of the servitude of the overlords who want to keep us enslaved.

We've spoken about their techniques time and time again. They use fear, coercion, debt and peer group pressure to keep us running on the hamster wheel of life.

Fortunately most of us wise up as we get older and become aware of the manipulation and how we need to break free.

That said, knowing the state of play is one thing but actually changing it is quite another.

A lot of people who know change is needed set lofty goals about changing the world and saving society from itself.  I fell into that trap when I went into politics.

Trying to do the right thing with a vision to the long-term isn't what people want.

Instead, they want instant (albeit temporary) fixes to whatever ails them. That's why politicians get away with so many empty promises and dud policies.

Politically, no-one remembers what happened last month let alone last year and there is always a new excuse available why things are getting worse.

It's best not to listen to them and instead focus on the things you can do for yourself and your family.

There are a couple of key components necessary to truly break free.

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