Those Who Cry Wolf

If the political left were really smart they'd be able to recognise their own incompetence.

Those Who Cry Wolf

The Dunning-Kruger effect is where people believe they are more intelligent and more capable than they are. It comes about because people with low ability lack the skills to recognise their incompetence.

As Charles Darwin wrote in his book The Descent of Man, "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."

I can think of no more apt description of the radical left in our midst.

Their catastrophic predictions have been repeatedly proven wrong, yet they remain convinced of their own righteousness.

Back in the 1970s, eco-zealots spent a decade telling us an ice age was imminent. In 2000, we were told children wouldn’t know what snow was, while alarmist Al Gore stated with certainty the Arctic would have no ice by 2013

According to the alarmists, we’ve variously had as long as 96 months to as few as 50 days to save the world from whatever affliction they diagnose.

The Doomsday business has been a multi-decade-long agenda of the left. Their answer to everything is for more money, power and authority to be vested in them.

They have spun various fables to shift and manoeuvre public opinion in their direction using whatever narrative is available, including global warming, Malthusian economics, the coronavirus pandemic, patriarchy and white privilege.

They rewrite history to suit their agenda and now sow the seeds of discord, victimhood and racism at every opportunity.

Just when you think you are drowning in the stupidity of the elites, a ray of light appears from the people.

That’s what happened yesterday when the National Geographic Society decided to let their 61K Twitter followers know that fireworks smoke is racist.

Once again, the activist left take a symbol of celebration and apply their own racist reflections to sow division and discord.

There is still hope though. The reaction to the tweet was swift and savage.

“We are here for the animal info…let your left wing have a rest.”
"Honestly, I am a scientist, and this is beyond ridiculous."

However, the comment that captured the best current zeitgeist was this.

"Please give it a rest when it comes to racism being found in everything. It is getting old, and true issues of racism will soon be ignored. Please re-read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

The left has been crying wolf for decades now, which is why we shouldn’t pay them any heed.

And just like in the fable, the people are growing tired of the false alarmism and are starting to call them out.

Who’d have thought extreme wokeness would be the catalyst to wake the people from their slumber?

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