They're Openly Mocking Us Now

The public debasement of Australia's highest award is now largely complete. Honouring those who did so much damage to individuals, families and businesses is open mockery of the Australian people.

They're Openly Mocking Us Now
AAP Image/Paul Miller

They're openly mocking us now.

By they, I am referring to the string pullers who want more control over your life.

These people exist in powerful positions seeking to shape our society and use every means at their disposal to entrench their power and authority.

Usually there is a veneer of plausible deniability attached to the most egregious actions and assaults on our liberty. These excuses come in many different forms - public health and safety, the greater good, terrorist threats, being a member of the international community or simply because they think they can get away with it.

Every now and again they overstep the mark which generates a seismic reaction in response.

We saw that over the weekend with European elections.

The globalist parasitic class were trounced by new nationalist parties, prompting more snap elections and resignations. Coupled with the Democrats sinking in the polls in the United States, the globalist elite must be in full panic mode right about now.

But Australia seems largely immune to the revolution, for now.

Sure, the Coalition are now leading the government (in primary vote terms) but they are much of a muchness. Both are wedded to the e-safety commissioner, big government, climate change malarky, forever wars and a bunch of other country destroying agendas.

And thats how they can insult all of us by giving Dan Andrews and Mark McGowan Australia's highest honour - the AC.

Andrew's was the world's worst COVID tyrant. His government was disgustingly crooked and has basically ruined the State of Victoria.

And yet, he received his honour for "eminent service to the people and Parliament of Victoria, to public health, to policy and regulatory reform, and to infrastructure development".

His public health policies damaged millions of lives. Andrews' policies delivered record debt and a malaise across an entire state.

He even cost Victorian's billions in compensation for not building infrastructure and not proceeding with his promied Commonwealth Games.

There is now way this man should be given any national award.

It makes even further mockery of the system after the AC was also given to ethical bestiality arguer Peter Singer.

Former WA Premier Mark McGowen was also in on the AC action in an obvious award for his draconian defence of baseless COVID 'science'.

Again, it's a disgrace to reward his reprehensible conduct while Premier with our highest national honour.

If that's the best Australia can do then we've got some serious problems ahead of us. I only regret that the political system is stacked to only reward the dumb and dumber of politics.

I'll let you decide which of the major parties is dumber than the other one.

Thought for the Day

"I don't deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don't deserve that either."
Jack Benny

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