There's One Big Change This Year

With so much happening in the world we often confuse activity with substantive change. That's why many have missed the big move playing out.

There's One Big Change This Year

It's hard to believe we are already into June.

Nearly half the year has passed and while so many notable events have happened, nothing really seems to have changed.

Globally we are told the pandemic is still with us despite governments 'allowing' us to have some of our freedoms back. It hurts just to write that as it serves as a terrible reminder of the creeping tyranny we now live under.

Locally the biggest change has been in politics. We've swapped from one big spending interventionist government to a different one. Sure there will be different priorities but I expect Australia's economic and cultural decline to continue.

In the United States, the crooked Clinton's have been exposed in court as being behind the Donald Trump Russia collusion hoax. This was widely known but rarely reported by the legacy media.

Her lawyer was acquitted of lying to the FBI today by a jury stacked with Democrat donors and Trump haters.

This event is further evidence of just how dishonest and unethical the cabal between media and politics has become. It also shows how justice works in today's USA.

We also have the genesis of World War 3 taking place in the Ukraine.

This dispute is nothing new but the aggressive move by Putin to send in troops is being exploited by Western powers keen for a distraction.

These neocons have repeatedly demonstrated that they have no real interest in a peaceful resolution and seem more intent on further escalation. That's not new as almost every Western cabinet has individuals who see more conflict as the answer to almost any problem.

However, the most substantive change we have seen this year does relate to the Russia Ukraine conflict. In many respects it has dealt a fatal blow to globalisation.

The decision to sanction every Russian citizen is a terrible precedent.

Denying all Russians access to global payment systems, seizing assets from Russian citizens abroad and sanctions on almost every Russian product is total madness.

Remember, if they can do it to Russians they can do it to anyone else.

It means that no country can truly rely on the future supply of the important services that allow the global trade and commerce to function. These have now been identified as potential political weapons.

That's why other nations are now building parallel financial systems to operate outside of the US dominated ones. This process is being led by China and includes major resource economies on which the world has great dependence.

The risk attached to the cessation of globalisation cannot be underestimated.

Peace is largely maintained when nations benefit from exchange with their neighbours. If exchange is non existent nor mutually beneficial, there are fewer reasons to work on harmonious relations.

On the plus side, the balkanisation of the world will likely mean that the attempts by the WEF and UN for global governance will fail. Those pushed outside of the existing order will not participate in anything that lessens their self-direction.

That's the main reason why Russia is the current target of the West. It (and China) stand against the malarky pushed by these global marxists in their quest for control.

That will be the key battle over the coming years. The confrontation between those pushing for centralised planning by the elites and those standing in their way.

My money is on the latter but the path to victory will be slow and painful for the rest of us.

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