There's Just One Thing Lacking

The evidence of continuing economic and societal problems is not due to a lack of resources or potential. It almost always comes down to one crucial thing.

There's Just One Thing Lacking

It’s finally hitting home. The price of free renewable energy is smashing our household and business budgets. 

The power bills are starting to arrive, and there has been a massive jump in prices. 

I got my home electricity account the other day, and while consumption remained the same, the cost nearly doubled. 

That’s a direct result of government policies that have undermined our competitive economic advantage - cheap and reliable power. 

It’s one reason Australia is sliding backwards. We barely make anything here anymore. Manufacturing is unaffordable, which makes us uncompetitive. 

Of course, it’s not just power prices, but they are a significant contributor.

We also have high wages and low productivity. Business is being strangled by red, green and black tape. There’s even a new bureaucratic tape being identified  - blue tape. That’s the restrictions and burdens placed upon our businesses by international outfits like the UN, WHO, OECD and the WEF. 

A cabal of globalists who are treated as deities by our unthinking political class. 

They are the mob that pushes for mass migration, open borders to economic refugees, universal basic income and centralised power and authority.  

They want you to cut your carbon footprint and meat consumption while they fly private jets to climate conferences and dine on chateaubriand. 

They are hypocrites of the highest order, and that hypocrisy is reflected in your electricity bill every quarter. 

And have you noticed that as electricity prices go up and supply becomes less reliable, these same groups are pushing us to even more electrification?

They want us to drive electric cars and use electric trucks. They want to phase out gas use in the family home. They want programmable central bank digital currencies. 

These measures aren’t about saving the planet or changing the climate. They are about control. 

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