Their ABC is Unaccountable

Their ABC remains hypocritically silent when one of their own violates their 'purity' standard.

Their ABC is Unaccountable

I love freedom of speech.

I really believe that you ( and everyone else) has the right to say all manner of dumb and  offensive things without being dragged before some 'hurt feelings' tribunal.

Idiot lefties without the gift of logical thought reply to free speech advocates ' what do you want to say you aren't allowed to'.

Well if I were QUT student Alex Wood and I'd been kicked out of a computer lab for not identifying as the correct ancestry, I'd like to be able to write on Facebook:

Just got kicked out of the unsigned Indigenous computer room. QUT stopping segregation with segregation…?

His mate, and fellow room ejectee Callum Thwaites wrote in response:

I wonder where the white supremacist computer lab is….

Bang! Both were reported to the Human Rights Commission for breaches of 18C by Cindy Prior. 18C is the 'hurt feelings' test … even if what you say is accurate, if someone gets hurt feelings you can be done like a dinner.

Other examples include the Tasmania Catholic archbishop who defended traditional marriage, you know that outrageous concept that marriage was for men and women only. He was referred to the anti-discrimination commissioner by some transsexual activist.

So too was Liberal Senator Claire Chandler. Her thought crime was to say:

"women's sports, women's toilets and women's change rooms are designed for people of the female sex (women) and should remain that way".

I agree with her and suspect most Australians do too.

Anyway, it now seems that after decades of being opposed to free speech and vigorously pursuing public prosecution of transgressors, their ABC has done a mighty backflip.

Well that's my interpretation anyway.

They were largely silent on Senator Jackie Lambie's emotional tirade at Qantas staff who prevented her entering the private VIP Lounge.

Apparently it included a particularly pointed reference to Alan Joyce which would normally send the ABC luvvies into a frenzy of critical homophobia theory.

Much the same ho hum response at the Guardian, Nine news and assorted other media organs of the left. Didn't hear much from Penny Wong or the Greens either.

They must all be embracing the free speech agenda.

There's no boycotts, strikes, demonstrations or outrage from the usual suspects. If it was anyone else, the Pravda collective would have been calling for her resignation from parliament.

For the record, free speech doesn't mean freedom of consequences which is why Lambie copped it sweet with a 6 month Qantas ban.

Their ABC also doesn't mind too much what their own crew get up to either.

A lengthy list of awful tweets, tawdry accusations and rude comments broadcast by their ABC about Liberal MP Nicolle Flint were all met with a polite no further action letter from their internal judge and jury.

In one instance, where vile punter Mike Carlton tweeted about 'strangling the Liberal shill' (being Flint) during an episode of Q & A, they put it on screen.

Only after Flint's complaint did they clarify "that Mr Carlton was not directly inciting violence against yourself."

One can only presume they either contacted Mr Carlton to clarify this or they interpreted his late night tweeting intentions themselves.

It's just another pathetic cop-out from the hypocritical moralisors in charge of the most unaccountable media outfit in the country.

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