The Yellow Wood

Australia is the best country on earth. Our culture, our land and lifestyle are second to none. We are all truly blessed to have been a part of this magnificent inheritance.

The Yellow Wood

That inheritance, endowed to all of us whether native born or adopted citizens, includes the institutions that helped to make us great and are critical to keeping us great.

Some of those institutions originated elsewhere.

We are part of Western civilisation and so we can trace the origins of our culture to ancient Athens and Rome and Jerusalem.  Those teachings and wisdom travelled through generations and were bestowed upon us when Britain settled this great southern land.

Since then we have established traditions of our own. We created a constitution that should be the envy of the world. It has seen us through wars and political crisis, allowed us to adapt and grow in accordance with overarching principles.

Our democratic ideals have made sure all Australians have the opportunity to have their say in the orderly transition of power. That authority, thanks to the implied consent of the electorate, has meant, no matter how contentious our governments may have been , there has been a unifying acceptance of electoral results.

Our citizens have traditionally enjoyed freedom of expression, worship and the right to peaceful protest.

Observing what is happening in the USA, our closest ally, should remind us all just how precious those things are.

But now we are confronted by Frost’s two roads diverging in a yellow wood.

The yellow wood today reflects the cowardice of many in our society for their inability to accept or cope with a different point of view.

Rather than counter fallacy, lies or idiocy with facts, reason and logic, these cowards now simply want to shut others down.

If you don’t like what someone is saying the response is straight from the leftist rulebook. Attack them, target their livelihood and their reputation. Do it in such a manner they will never dare speak up again.

If they still resist, apply the collectivist whine, create some alternate facts to seize public opinion and have them cancelled.

That’s the cowards way. The yellow wood is filled with keyboard warriors who project their self-loathing through twitter, facebook and the like.

One of Frost’s roads leads deeper into the darkness. A yellow wood of tyranny.  It will vest power in the collectivist mob, in big government and even bigger corporations.

That’s what we see in the USA today. It’s clear that the media, the political establishment and big tech are running the country. The people are mere ‘users’, to be made dependent on the centralised apparatus being created around them.

Dissent now means you will be targeted – personally, politically and professionally. It is dangerously Orwellian.

But Frost also said there were two roads. He took the one less travelled and told us that made all the difference.

The road less travelled today is the road of independence. It is the road of personal autonomy and responsibility. It is the road to decentralisation of business and political power.

You see, centralisation is a societal risk.

Politically, a one party state is a dictatorship filled with cronyism and rule by the elites, often using the allied media in Pravda like fashion.

In the digital world, if you are reliant on one all powerful ‘Wizard of Oz’ then  your communications can be shutdown, your website may disappear, your payment providers may dump you and all manner of other services denied.

The unthinking collectivist mind may say ‘these companies are private and so can do what they like”.

It’s a childish mantra designed to be repeated whenever convenient. These same companies enjoy legislative protections ( and essentially monopoly status) that enables them to crush competition while holding you captive.

It used to be that the political left were the ones warning of the dangers of monopolies. Now they seem to like them….as long as they are the people  in charge!

To protect ourselves and to protect our nation something needs to change.

If we want to avoid the civil unrest and the divide evident in the former ‘land of the free’, we will make the change from a centralised to a decentralised economy.

The heavy lifting needs to be done by government.

They need to commit to breaking up tech monopolies. They need to get the bureaucrats out of Canberra, liberate small business and stop mopping up after hopeless State governments.

The rest of us can make a difference in our own way. We can vote in accordance with our values. We can dump the digital dictatorships that profit from every click on line and have effectively erased your privacy.

The mission is too big for any one individual but the choice we can all make today will help in a national shift.

The road less travelled is the path to freedom and prosperity, and that will make all the difference.

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