The World of Multiculturalism

The High Court has made another ruling that has many scratching their heads. How can it be good for us to keep foreign born convicted jihadi terrorists in the country?

The World of Multiculturalism

We dodged a bullet when Australia rejected the Voice referendum.

Had it succeeded, we'd depend on the High Court to interpret what it meant, which could lead us anywhere.

The High Court has already ruled that no foreigner with more than a drop of Indigenous blood can be deported - even if they aren't an Australian citizen.

Now we have them restoring Australian citizenship to an Algerian-born convicted terrorist.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika was arrested and convicted over plots to attack the AFL grand final at the MCG, blow up the Lucas Heights nuclear facility and the assassination of John Howard.

In news that will surprise no one, the man claims to be an Islamic cleric, and in that capacity, he asked his 'people' to kill 1000 infidels over the war in Iraq.

Welcome to the world of multicultural Australia.

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