The World is Getting Weirder

The spiral into societal decay is picking up speed as more examples of the plague of PC and the woke agenda attack common sense.

The World is Getting Weirder
Photo by Bruce Warrington / Unsplash

We all know things are a little weird in the world today.

We have Catholic Diocese encouraging their adherents to participate in Muslim Ramadan observances as a gesture of goodwill.

The Catholic Herald reported Friday that the Italian diocese of Bergamo is “instructing its priests to participate in Islamic rituals, citing Pope Francis’ directives on interreligious dialogue.”

Diocesan officials issued a directive “urging priests to seek out opportunities for interreligious dialogue during the ‘holy month’ of Ramadan by inviting the faithful to join in praying with Muslims and joining in the Iftar ritual meal.”

Given how few Catholics actually participate in their own Church's observances, pushing them in the direction of Islam would seem counter-productive.

There was also no word about the persecution of Christians in the Islamic world.

That's understandable as it is much safer for everyone to appease the violent fundamentalists.

Then there's the perennial debate about what is a woman?

It's a question that only the woke west seems to struggle with. The rest of the world seems to have a pretty clear understanding of the whole birds and bees, men and women thing.

But for our stupidity, we have cultural icons like Lady Gaga promoting unwell people like Dylan Mulvaney in honour of International Women's Day.

That we have a day for women is odd enough but for a woman to be promoting a man who claims to be a woman is just plain nuts.

Mulvaney, you may recall, spearheaded a Bud Light beer advertising campaign that resulted in a crushing sales slump as men rejected the siren song of the transvestite advocacy.

It cost the company an estimated $1 billion in lost sales. Little wonder why.

Gaga and male friend Dylan

It's unknown whether the Bud Light beer sales will recover before Mulvaney comes to terms with the fact that he is a man.

But here's the rub. Why are women allowing men to take over their realm?

That question was beautifully summed up by this tweet from John Goddard.

How is this progress from any woman's perspective?

But the descent into madness isn't yet complete.

There are more people who need to be honoured which is why Illinois now has 'Abortion Providers Appreciation Day'.

The Governor of Illinois even appeared in a video paying tribute to abortion providers telling them how he 'appreciates the sacrifice you make'.

A bit of tone deaf language used there I hasten to add.

While there are many different views on the business of abortion, I expect having a day to appreciate abortionists for their sacrifice would be beyond the pale for most people.

And then we have the cultural cringe associated with historical revisionism.

Accurately depicting history isn't good enough any more.

We've seen plenty of that in respect to the supposed 60,000 years of the world's oldest continuous culture (which isn't true by the way). Most of the culture they insist we celebrate today was actually invented in recent decades.

However, it's not just Australia plagued with the insistence that fiction is fact.

Television critics in America are up in arms about a new saga covering Japanese life back in the 1600s.

The program is called Shogun and woke journalists are asking the question, "Where are all the black people?"

In acknowledging that there may indeed have been black people in Japan four centuries ago, the journalist claims one Shogun may have been black himself; although he may not have been too.

In any event, the possibility of a black Shogun is enough to decry the lack of historical accuracy in the program.

And then there's this. In an attempt to justify his lame claim, the journalist cites the this stereotypical trope.

Historian Mark Hyman described a statue in honour of Tamuramaro (the maybe black Shogun) in his book.

"As seen in the temple where he has was honored, Maro's statue was taller than his fellow contributors.His hair was curly and tight; his eyes were large and wide-set and brown. His nostrils were flared, his forehead wider, his jaws thick and slightly protruded."

In any other forum such a description would be labelled an incredibly racist generalisation.

But as we've learned claims of racism are a weapon only wielded against the white, right male.

Further proof that the world really has gone mad.

Thought for the Day

"I used to think that anyone doing anything weird was weird. I suddenly realised that anyone doing anything weird wasn't weird at all and it was the people saying they were weird that were weird."
Paul McCartney

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