The Virtueless Voice

The Voice to Parliament is the most “radical and divisive” proposed change to Australia’s constitution ever

The Virtueless Voice
Photo by Danny Lau / Unsplash

On Friday night I was MC for an event about the voice organised by ‘Recognise a Better way’ and One Nation in South Australia.

For the record, I am not a member of any political party and I was there because I believe in the cause and I actually think minor parties deserve all the help they can get.

There were some notable speakers from across the political divide including former Labor Minister Dr Gary Johns, Pauline Hanson and South Australian MP Sarah Game.

They were all brilliant in their own way and I, along with the several hundred in attendance,  learned a lot.

After listening to them, it's as clear as day that the Yes campaign are being totally disingenuous in what they are telling you…or should that be not telling you.

In that respect, one of the most powerful contributions of the evening came from Kerry White, an elder of the Narungga people.

Kerry told a personal tale of how the ‘unified voice’ of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is actually a tiny voice of the ATSI elite.

Those in regional and remote communities know little of what is being proposed and most of those that do want none of it.

She also said how it’s almost impossible to get the legacy media, many of whom are proponents of the voice, to actually provide these authentic voices with a platform.

That’s an indictment on the state of the media in this country today.

The Voice is the most radical and divisive proposed change to our constitution ever. It’s racist and it's wrong.

We now know, thanks to some of the intemperate designers of the proposal, that it's a trojan horse for separatism and a divided country. In my view, their goal isn't about lifting the outcomes for Aboriginal people, it’s about providing the Aboriginal elite with more power and more money.

That agenda is wrong no matter what the colour of the skin of those pushing it.

Vote No to the voice.

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