The Vibe is Failing The Voice

The essence of the Yes campaign behind the Indigenous Voice to Parliament is “don't worry about the detail, it’s the vibe.”

The Vibe is Failing The Voice
Photo by insung yoon / Unsplash

Don’t worry about the detail, it’s the vibe.

That’s the essence of the yes campaign behind the voice. That approach may have worked for Darryl Kerrigan in The Castle movie but it’s a loser for the Yes campaign.

You all know I think The Voice is racist and divisive.

It’s anathema to equality and has no place in this country, or any country for that matter.

Those who endorse it are either ignorant to the potential consequences, deceptive about those consequences or are looking to feather their own nest in some way.

That might be a new job, more political power or perhaps pandering to the woke elites for more dinner party invitations

Whatever the reasons, discounting the useful idiots, there are some smart people pushing this tripe.

How anyone can lend their good name to an unnecessary constitutional change that they readily admit the don’t know the details about is beyond me.

Incredibly, the yes campaign admits they haven’t got a clue in their own campaign brochure.

The official FAQ page for the Yes23 campaign states:

'It doesn't make sense to do the detailed consultation until we have the support of the Australian people to change the constitution,.

The first step in the process is to get support from the Australian public to recognise First Nations knowledge in the constitution.

The second step will involve a detailed consultation process to determine how the Voice to Parliament will work.'

How stupid do they think you are…or should that be how stupid are these people?

Vote for this and we’ll let you know how dire the consequences will be afterwards. Only a fool would be backing that concept.

And what’s this baloney about recognising first nations knowledge in the constitution.  There’s no special knowledge recognised in this proposal, just another tier of governance chosen on racial lines to lord over us.

Let me level with you.

I don’t want advice on how to live my life from anyone just because they have a different skin colour or ethnicity to me.

I can make judgements for myself and my family. We should expect that of every Australian regardless of their race, creed or colour.

And what’s this consultation process after the vote all about?

You can bet they won’t be consulting you – unless you are one of the privileged Aboriginal elites who have been harvesting taxpayers money for decades to deliver next to nothing for ‘their people’.

They’ll be the same ones champing at the bit to get a piece of the pie if this gets up.

There was also a No campaign brochure doing the rounds.

It’s message is clear and effective.

First off it agrees with the Yes campaign claiming Labor is 'asking Australians to vote without knowing exactly how the Voice would operate' while going on to say:

"Some Voice activists say this will be a first step to reparations and other radical changes."

It correctly raises concerns about a legal can of worms the voice opens up which could end up in the High Court. Then who knows what the outcome of that could be.

Once a High Court makes an interpretation, parliament can’t overrule it. We’ll be stuck with negative consequences,'

The Voice is a losing proposition for our country.

Any considered Australian truly concerned for about our system of governance and democratic ideals cannot support this racist and divisive proposal.

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