The Venom of Racial Vilification

The double standards attached to racial vilification is on display as pro-Hamas rallies take place all around the world.

The Venom of Racial Vilification
Photo by Ahmed Abu Hameeda / Unsplash

Verve Communications Director Prue MacSween says it seems that people who want to spread their “bile, venom, and cause” are able to get away with all kinds of “racial vilification and threats”.

Pro-Palestine rallies were sparked all around the world after Hamas launched an attack on Israel back on October 7.

On Sunday, a pro-Palestine rally was held in Sydney, with thousands gathering at Hyde Park before marching through the streets while calling for a ceasefire in the fighting in Gaza.

“Australians do not want this hate and bile and unrest being brought to our doorstep. We want harmony – we do not want any religious types to feel threatened.”

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