The Unconcious Bias of Being Discerning

Discernment was once the product of wisdom and experience. Now it is the original sin of the far-left unholy doctrine

The Unconcious Bias of Being Discerning

Oh what a world we live in! Everything from our skin colour to the fruit we choose in the greengrocer is a result of unconscious bias and a cause for condemnation.

For the uninitiated (aka non-brainwashed) this is what the University of California states about unconcious bias.

Unconscious biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness. Everyone holds unconscious beliefs about various social and identity groups, and these biases stem from one’s tendency to organise social worlds by categorising.

There you have it. Everyone has unconscious bias about almost everything. Most often these are developed through experience and education which help determine your preferences.

Before having a preference was a bad thing it was known as supporting cultural norms.

That radical approach built civilisations, informed societal behaviour and social mores.  Naturally the process didn't deliver equal cultural outcomes across the world as the result was always a product of different inputs.

That's why the Western World has advanced so much more than many other cultures. It is clear to anyone who cares for the facts that our inputs (Christianity, enlightenment, science, reason etc) are different from many of those in say the Middle East, Africa or Asia.

The different inputs have delivered very different cultural results in those places and I don't see what the problem is in preferring one lifestyle over other alternatives - whether consciously or unconsciously.

We actually see that preference in the desire of so many people from these regions to migrate to Western nations. It's perfectly obvious but look out if you are already from the West and make that salient point!

Rendering such elemental judgement is verboten and those who dare speak it are the enemy of the globalists who consider all such assessments as a root cause of inequality.

You see, these people won't accept that the underlying building blocks of culture will determine outcomes. That would be tantamount to saying some things are better than others. Rather they posit that those societies that have achieved more did so by oppressing others and forcing them to make bad choices.

The globalists see it as their mission to right that wrong.

They want to see a world run by an unelected bureaucracy where power is concentrated in the elites and their global idea of society and culture delivers equality for all.

It's utopian nonsense and just a new name for socialism a. Like every version of socialist poison preceding it, the very basics of human nature are ignored in favour of fanciful idealism.

It is only natural that we want to be around people we like and have common interests with. That will screen the what, when and who with of every choice or interaction we make.

We'll render judgement and discrimination in every single action because there is an opportunity cost attached to everything that we do from the friends we have to the fruit we select.

Some of us still refer to it as being discerning.

Now, it's called unconscious bias and it is the original sin of the far left unholy doctrine.

I have a different view. If only more of us were more discerning in the choices we made, the world would be a better place.

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