The Trump 2024 Train Begins

The Iowa caucuses kick off the process of choosing the Republican nominee for President. It's hard to see anyone getting past Donald J. Trump.

The Trump 2024 Train Begins

The US Presidential election gets off to an actual start today with the first Republican caucus in Iowa.

The four front runners are former President Donald Trump, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy.

According to the polls, Trump is a standout favourite, with a predicted 50 + per cent of the votes. It's daylight to Haley (20%) and DeSantis (16%), followed by Ramaswamy on eight per cent.

The only candidate I hold a candle for is Trump. The others, while well-credentialed, are too establishment for my liking.

America doesn't need establishment. It needs disruption and dislocation from the rotten system engulfing this once proud beacon of democracy.

The apparatus of state is being used to prosecute political opponents, more like a tin-pot dictatorship than the world's largest economy.

We see that in the free pass given to BLM looters, ANTIFA thugs and unarmed invaders. At the same time, those even remotely enticed into the FBI organised January 6 protests wallow in prison with no semblance of a fair trial.

We've seen corrupt prosecutions of Trump. As the greatest threat to the swamp creatures in DC, even being charged with defrauding a bank where the bank insists nothing unusual happened.

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