The Trial Where No one Wins

The verdict has been rendered on one of the most fascinating trials in recent history. While one side won the case, it's hard to find any winners from the proceedings.

The Trial Where No one Wins
Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm / Unsplash
“Having escaped the lions’ den, he made the mistake of going back to retrieve his hat.”

They were the immortal words of Justice Lee, rendering judgment in the Bruce Lehrmann defamation case.

He was referring to Lehrmann's escape from a criminal conviction and his return to court to sue Channel Ten for defaming his reputation.

I've never been as intrigued over a trial as I have this one. I watched or listened to most of the proceedings and was shocked at how stupid and dimwitted the two leading players appeared.

Lehrmann and Higgins repeatedly lied in the trial. They also told different versions of events at multiple stages throughout the ordeal.

They both blundered into the most obvious legal evidentiary traps, which beggars belief given the high-priced counsel they had enlisted.

I agree with Justice Lee that Lehrmann and Higgins likely had intercourse.

However, I disagree with his findings of rape.

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