The Totalitarian Left Is On The March

The US election has given us some keen insights into the hive mind of the collectivist left. They have suspended reason, logic and principle in their quest for power.

The Totalitarian Left Is On The March
Photo by Taylor Brandon / Unsplash

You may have heard the phrase 'a week is a long time in politics'. Well, this week has felt like an eternity for anyone interested in US politics.

No matter what the media say, we still need a President-elect. There are states still not determined, recounts to be had and court challenges to be heard.

I've covered a number of the unfolding scenarios over the past week, including this piece on SkyNews.

It's been viewed around 750,000 times and generated nearly 18,000 comments in just a couple of days!

None of the concerns I raised in the video above have since been reduced. In fact, it seems as if the scale of the possible problems have got even larger.

It's vital for the wellbeing of the US representative democracy that all probity questions are resolved to assure the people that this was a free and fair election.

If no fraud has taken place then an orderly transition should ensue. Where fraud has taken place, then those responsible should face the full force of the law and the result should reflect the legal will of the people.

There should be no concession until every claim of illegal voting has been resolved one way or another.

We still have over a month before the electoral process runs its course and the college is finalised. Only then will we have a President elect.

This past week though has given us a greater insight into the hive mind of the collective left. Their public leaders parrot the same scripted lines as if trying to convince themselves of the merit of their stance. The application of consistent principles and constitutionality has been abandoned to facilitate the power grab.

The idiot followers, and I use that term deliberately because they are idiots; blanket social media with irrational abuse and intimidation of anyone who disagrees with them.

I've had great sport this week, putting details of the questionable Democrat election practices on Twitter. Naturally this has incensed the never-Trumpers who do not consider facts or merit as part of any rational discussion.

It's been a stunning example of he collectivist mindset and how controlling and irrational it can be.

We also know the political left has a history of retribution against their enemies. There is a long list of 'nights of long knives' from Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Hitler and others.

In Australia, we see the boycott culture from tiny online groups urging consumer shaming of advertisers on Sky News (for example) because it dares to offer alternative opinions.

An interesting aside is that Sky News has the biggest online presence of any Australian media outlet (even the $1bn taxpayer funded ABC).

This suggests there is a strong appetite for something outside of what PC culture insists you know. Unfortunately too many corporate wimps are prepared to stand up to the bullying.

However this week we gained a keener insight into how dangerous and totalitarian these committed leftists are.

Notorious Democrat extremist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to build a 'list' to punish those who didn't sign on to the progressive deep swamp program

Think about that tweet for just a moment. An elected politician wants to punish her political opponents for playing on a different team to her.

We've seen how the angry mob, whipped into hysteria and Trumpophobia by race baiters like AOC; smash, loot, attack and even kill those who they perceive as not being one of them.

We've seen major television and tech networks dismiss different views as lies or propaganda. We've even seen them promulgate known lies to further their own preferred agenda.

It really has been fake news!

That's why the coming weeks are truly important for the USA and the rest of the free world. If this latest election has been corrupted then we need to know the lengths the totalitarians are prepared to go to in order to grasp power. Armed with that knowledge, we can then move to stop them.

Leaving any stone unturned in pursuit of that truth would be a disservice to all those who have given so much in defence of our freedom of thought, worship, speech and conscience.

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