The Swamp is Deeper Than I Thought

The decption and dishonesty endemic in Washington is clearly a global problem. It means we are right to question everything we are told.

The Swamp is Deeper Than I Thought

This is a post written in frustration.

I am frustrated because the clear corruption attached to the Obama, Biden and Clinton administration is being covered up by the major media outlets here and abroad.

It just shows how deeply compromised the world we function in is.

It demonstrates we cannot believe anything the self appointed elites tell us because they clearly work together against the rest of us.

We know that Obama knew of Hillary Clinton using an illegal email server while she was Secretary of State. He has denied this despite the evidence.

We also know he instructed the IRS and other state agencies to target his political enemies. More recently, it has been exposed that he knew years ago that Hilllary Clinton made up the Trump Russia collusion claims. That knowledge didn't stop him from repeating them.

Then there is this:

There is more but I am sure you get the picture about President 44.

Biden is now being exposed as among the dodgiest of them all. A jurney man of politics he is now very wealthy and it appears to be on the back of a cash for influence scandal involving his family.

Eye-witnesses are no going public claiming Joe Biden is a liar and was an active participant in the back handers flowing to his family in return for his influence.

Apparently Biden even demanded a cut of the cash but his teams latest defence is that 'there is no evidence he received any money'. Biden is clearly not fit for office - not just because he is going senile but because he is a crook.

Clinton too has the moniker crooked Hillary for a reason.

The Clinton Foundation was simply a funnel to enrich the Clinton family in exchange for government favours. Her husband is a sexual predator and a serial liar. Both peddled influence and largesse in return for hundreds of millions of dollars.

None of this seems to be of any interest to the mainstream media.

Here's one taxpayer funded media outlet in the USA making excuses for their censorship.

That's very special. The biggest corruption scandal in the history of US politics, involving money laundering, bribes, child pornography and a Vice President of the United States and it isn't a story. Wow!

Even here in Australia, their ABC (funded by a billion dollars of your money) only want to repeat the nonsense that this scandal is made up by the Russians.

It's no better in the social media space. Twitter and Facebook have stopped dissemination of this news, even suspending the account of the New York Post which broke the story.

You may be surprised to know they both allow the Ayatolla of Iran and other tin pot dictators to spread their propaganda on the platforms but not one of the oldest newspapers in the USA.

We can also rightfully question the state security agencies operating in America. The FBI fuelled the Trump Russia collusion claims for years even after they knew they were false. They have also had the Hunter Biden laptop for a year and done nothing despite the child porn, money laundering and damning evidence of corruption.

This entire affair, and the last four years, shows why so many in positions of power want to get rid of Trump. He is the only one willing to rip the scab off the dishonest cabal that wants to rule the world.

It's a dangerous alliance of billionaires, big tech, bureaucratic insiders, media and the political establishment. They are clearly working in concert and working to protect each other.

They have all repeatedly lied and whenever a sliver of their dishonesty is actually exposed, the global protection racket kicks in and proclaims the facts as a conspiracy theory.

We have seen the agenda in the Great Reset. The elites have said as much. It's global governance and the Green New Deal putting government at the centre of everything we do.

Whatever they want to call it, I call it socialism..or facism...or marxism. They are all varieties of the totalitarianism these people seek to foster.

I regret to tell you that you simply cannot believe anything you are told by these corrupt and broken authorities any more. They are being exposed as even more dishonest than many of us even considered possible.

Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp in Washington. Unfortunately, the past four years has shown the swamp extends to every continent and is deeper than we ever imagined.

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