The Socialist Nightmare

Socialism is perpetuated via coercive control and envy. There are more alarming signs of just how deep it is embedded into our governments and populace.

The Socialist Nightmare
Photo by Lian Begett / Unsplash

Amid all the daily noise, some big-picture themes will likely play a big part in our future.

Don't get me wrong; noise can be very important and regularly help shape trends, but it mostly comes and goes.

Actual preparedness comes when you identify the 'big picture' external items that will likely drive behaviour.

For example, I can see more people spending even more time glued to screens than they already do. That could lead to a greater sense of loneliness and hopelessness than currently exists, as the real world is traded for the virtual one.

That's actually part of the plan that the elites have for us.

Not only do they want you to own nothing (and be happy), they want you to travel less and merely exist rather than thrive.

They'll be happy if most people spend their lives pursuing virtual degeneracy and self-medicating. It'll keep them from seeing what's going on around them!

Yesterday, I noticed yet another example of how the middle class will be enslaved.

Home insurance premiums have already risen by around 25 per cent, but new forecasts predict worse is yet to come.

In America, insurance premiums have jumped by 30 to 60 per cent nationwide. This is on top of skyrocketing rates and land taxes.

It's easy to imagine a scenario where these annual costs become equivalent to being saddled with a mortgage, even if you've fully paid off your home.

You could sum it up as paying rent for life for something you supposedly own.

Isn't that like not owning it in the first place?

There are also alarming signs that state governments see housing as a cash cow to be milked at every opportunity.

The broke State of Victoria has been the pioneer in this regard. When fully implemented, it will have a 'vacancy tax' equivalent to 3 per cent of the property value.

So, it's not good enough that you get to rent a property from yourself; now the state is telling you what you can do with it.

Incredibly, the politics of envy has been cultivated to such an extent that this socialism is now popular among those whose eyes are enchanted.

Here's a recent letter in the Sydney Morning Herald letters section.

I have recently learned that a vacancy residential land tax will come into force in Victoria on January 1, 2025 and will apply to the status of property from the start of the 2024 calendar year. This tax will increase to three per cent of the capital improved value by the third year. I would hope that the NSW government will consider implementing similar legislation that could release many now vacant properties back onto the market. A property behind me has now been vacant since 2002. Council says it can do nothing as the owner pays his rates. 
Valerie Bray, East Killara

I wonder if Ms Bray will be happier when the vacant home is occupied by one of the waves of third-world migrants the government is importing to damage our culture and way of life.

The green-eyed monster known as envy has a habit of destroying those afflicted with it. In politics, this monster is known as socialism.

Thought for the Day

“Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free.”
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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