The Silver Lining

There's something going on in the silver market. Andrew Maguire brings an in-depth analysis of the recent price movements in both gold and silver,

The Silver Lining
Photo by Scottsdale Mint / Unsplash

Andrew Maguire takes listeners through the current bullish setup backed by a thorough analysis that highlights silver’s undervaluation and pervasive manipulation, before closing with an update on the BRICS currency.

Video Timestamps 

00:00 Start 

1:40 Gold breaking out - what to expect moving forward

3:45 Silver vulnerability 

18:00 How close we are to a COMEX market default

25:45 Does the bullish silver setup favour the cartel or the central banks?

31:26 New Goldman Sachs structural analysis 

40:00 Unwanted guests causing silver short squeezes 

44:30 INVESCO’s 11th annual study 

45:45 An update on the upcoming BRICS currency

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