The Seeds of Decline

China is doing whatever it likes because it knows the global community has neither the will nor the ability to stop them

The Seeds of Decline

If you ever needed more reasons to be concerned about how captive supposedly independent bodies are to the Chinese Communist Party, you need to look no further than the World Health Organisation. Their report on the origins of the Coronavirus borders on farce.

When the investigation was first proposed, the CCP ran interference at every stage. In fact, they are still punishing Australia through trade sanctions just for proposing the inquiry.

After extended delays, the WHO team headed to the sanitised and data-shredded environs of a totalitarian state. After months of pre-preparation by the CCP, I wonder why there wasn't much evidence to find.

The Australian reports today:

The delegation said its investigations had followed four main hypotheses: the introduction of the virus through “direct spillover” from infected animals, the introduction to humans through an intermediary host, transmission via cold chain products, and the theory that the virus may have escaped from a laboratory.

Scientist Peter Ben Embarek, who was part of the delegation, said the laboratory theory was “extremely unlikely” and had been ruled out.

He said the introduction of SARS-CoV-2 through an intermediary animal host was the “most likely” theory that would be the focus of further studies.

I'd love to know how extensive the access to the Wuhan virus lab was and how much access the crack team of WHO investigators had to the remaining documentation of their research activities, or at least those that remained after the weeks of shredding.

I do not doubt that 'good friend' of China and WHO boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus would have been most forceful in the instructions to his investigative team. It probably explains why the only thing the team appears to be sure of is that the virus is not China's fault!

This latest whitewash is just another brick in the wall of global China appeasement.

The unelected international bureaucracy is captive to China's money and influence. Nation states, many of whom are reliant on Chinese money to stay afloat, largely ignore the CCP activities at home and abroad.

In effect, China is doing whatever it likes because it knows the global community has neither the will nor the ability to stop them.

Unless there is a direct confrontation, the likelihood of military intervention to halt their dominance is highly remote. Even if it did happen, there is no assurance the West would win such a battle.

Economic sanctions are likely to have little effect as China has a massive domestic consumer base and enough connections to keep trade options open with many nations.

In short, China is slowly dominating the world, and there seems to be little that can be done about it.

The seeds of decline in the West have allowed the rise of the Chinese authoritarian state. Our historical strength was built upon shared values and economic freedom. As those principles have been eaten away by the termites of socialism, we have hollowed out the foundation on which we stand.

The casual rejection of the time-honoured lessons of history in favour of new 'experiments' in societal design has made us weak and compliant. Bandaid after bandaid can cover the wounds but cannot stop the bleeding.

That will be the next challenge for all of us. We cannot rely on government any longer. Our institutions are cracked or broken or working against us.

The key to surviving and prospering will be to look after yourself, free of government interference.

That will be our greatest challenge after so many have spent so long as dependents of the state.

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