The Referendum Panic Begins

The Prime Minister has resorted to calling Voce critics names. It's a sure sign things are getting desperate in the Yes camp.

The Referendum Panic Begins
Photo by Dan Freeman / Unsplash

You know things are getting deperate when Prime Minister's resort to name calling.

That's what happened yesterday when Anthony Albanese tried to rescue his racist Voice proposal by labelling the opponents as 'Chicken Littles'.

That's an Americanisation of the European folk story we know as Henny Penny. The tale is about a catastrophising chicken who always thinks the world is coming to an end.

In more recent times, the character would be labelled a conspiracy theorist.

In criticising the No campaign, the Prime Minister said:

'Australians have a healthy scepticism of doomsayers, a scepticism kept in good health by memories of all the predictions offered by the Chicken Littles of the past.'

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