The Real Damage Caused by the Green Dream

A new report lifts the lid on the environmental and human costs of the Green dream.

The Real Damage Caused by the Green Dream

The 'clean energy' scam is unravelling very quickly. That's because nothing is clean about the minimal, expensive and inefficiently produced energy it generates.

The global move towards this folly is destroying the lifeblood of modernity - cheap and abundant electricity, which powers our way of life.

The greenies don't care too much about that.

For them, this new religion is purportedly about saving the planet from Carbon Dioxide.

That might appeal to the intellectual minnows, but those with a triple-digit IQ know it is all about control.

In that respect, the Green movement is old-fashioned Marxism presented under a green cloak.

It's a political agenda where the ends are justified by the means.

How else can you explain the latest report on the critical minerals supply chain for the Green energy movement?

If you are an eco-zealot, it doesn't make for pretty reading.

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