The Race Tax is Coming

The Voice is more about money than anything else. If it succeeds, expect a new race tax, as seen in parts of Canada.

The Race Tax is Coming
Photo by Johan Mouchet / Unsplash

Today’s voice update, and why you should vote no, is part of what is happening and partly what we can expect to see.

Firstly, the writing is on the wall when a woke corporate stops pushing propaganda on its patrons because of too many complaints.

That’s what happened at BIG W this week. 

They’ve been running pro-YES vote messaging through their in-store audio system. 

That’s just what you want to hear as you’re looking for a new water bottle or terry-towelling bathrobe, some pious preaching about why racism is good to enshrine in the constitution. 

Well, they got the message, and it’s no longer happening. 

But we are seeing all manner of other not-so-subtle attempts to push this rubbish on us. The replacement of traditional names for our cities and landmarks is now creeping onto our screens and street signs.  

We’ve seen it for years as buildings on University campuses and council chambers have had Aboriginal names attached to them.

I’m yet to meet anyone that uses those names, but they are still there, only after payment to the local tribal elders, of course. 

Maybe it doesn’t make much difference to you, but it’s the shape of things to come, and it will get much worse if the voice gets up.

Then, we can expect things like this which is happening in the woke kingdom of Canada.

This is a receipt from the Basic Goodness Pizzarria in British Columbia.

It includes a 1 per cent surcharge for ‘THE LAND YOU ARE ON’.

As you can see, this charge is to support the "First Nation's vision to preserve and revitalise tribal parks and culture." 

That’s a new way to describe a race tax. 

You’d also note the reference to First Nations.

That term was invented in Canada, and we’ve recently imported its use in Australia to describe the nomadic tribes that walked here from Africa tens of thousands of years ago. 

Until recently, everyone seemed happy with the long-standing description until someone decided to import a bit of Canadian culture to add to the Polynesian-inspired welcome to country and the 1971 instruction by art teacher  Geoffrey Barton on how to do a dot painting.

No matter what the YES campaign will tell you, the end goal is not a Voice to Parliament or recognition in our constitution.

The ultimate end is a treaty, and that ultimately is a demand for more money. 

If we vote Yes at this referendum, how long will it be before we see a race tax added to our pizza bills, just like it is being applied in Canada?

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