The Priority Tree is Crowded

As more scramble up the priority tree seeking special treatment, politicians are forced to choose between competing symbolism.

The Priority Tree is Crowded
Photo by Simon Maisch / Unsplash

There’s a lot happening in Australia right now. Yes we have half the country locked down but while you are distracted, the white-anting of our institutions continues to mount.

Sometimes the undermining comes from surprising sources. That’s what’s happening in South Australia right now under the marshmallow government.

Fresh from their successful battles to legalise late term abortion and sex selective abortion in the state, the marshmallow government is now fuelling a culture fight playing out on the left’s preferred battlegrounds.

Elected leader Steven Marshall, who, while allowing bureaucrats to run  the state, has been an enthusiastic backer of anything indigenous.

Shortly after attending a presentation by self-declared aboriginal Bruce Pascoe discussing his discredited book Dark emu, announced an ‘indigenous voice to parliament’.

That this ‘voice’ announcement was as devoid of detail as Pascoe’s aboriginal heritage was of no consequence to the marshmallow.

Now he has signed on to a $200 m Indigenous art gallery as a centrepiece for the city of churches.

Now this ticks all the progressive feel good boxes and who knows, it might even be a good idea.

According to an interview with the designer, Texas born Charles Renfro,  he  says he “ creates gay architecture’.

Now, I don’t know quite what comprises ‘gay architecture’ but I’m pretty sure the aboriginal people aren’t looking for a Priscilla Queen of the Desert cultural icon.

There’s the usual claims of international design competition and consultation with indigenous groups but it beggars belief that a premier so committed to symbolism has chosen to prioritise foreign design over a homegrown  aboriginal inspired and led architecture project.

In a world when the elites tell us straight actors can’t play gay characters, and there is a quota for seemingly everything, this decision is mighty odd. I mean the world’s oldest continuous civilisation should surely be front and centre of creating an institution designed to further their culture and history.

To compound the marshmallow man’s confusing priorities, a group of Aboriginal artists have been booted out of the gallery they created at the University of South Australia.

That gallery was aboriginal owned and 80% of profits went back into the APY lands aboriginal community.

And this is where we are in the Marxist PC movement.

The priority tree is now being scaled by so many seeking preferment and special deals that our weak and vapid leaders are forced to choose who deserves special treatment more.

In this instance, Premier Marshmallow has determined that a foreign designed building is more important than allowing the aboriginal people to design a $200m taxpayer funded space supposed to promote their culture and art.

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