The Presidential Debate

More common sense in this email than a month of their ABC

The Presidential Debate

Later today, I'll be tuning in to the first US Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joseph Biden, and if you are watching too, I'd love to know what you think.

Here's what I expect to happen in the next ninety minutes!

Donald Trump will be the chaotic, random and brilliant communicator he usually is. As a result, he'll be fact-checked on every loose word, and the Democrat media machine will attack him post-debate for 'everything'.

He'll be labelled as either being too harsh on Biden or not landing a blow on Biden, an embarrassment and a hapless President. In other words, it will be business as usual for the never-Trumpers in the media!

Biden will have spent his recent lucid moments memorising a few talking points. He'll repeat these repeatedly...although it's likely each iteration will mangle the English language a little more than before.

He may even merge a few random talking points into an amalgam of Biden wisdom that few will understand.

The Democrat candidate will be hailed a spectacular success by his cheerleaders just for staying sentient for ninety minutes. None of them will call him out on his history of lies or lack of mental acuity.

And here's the thing. None of it will make a jot of difference to the result. Many Americans have already decided, so this first debate will change very few minds.

I was in New York for the last election, and I saw Trump perform really well and very poorly during the debates. The only one that seemed to have any impact was the final one.

There's a long way to go in this Presidential race, and I am still backing Trump despite the size of the corrupt political war machine set against him.

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