The Power Plot

Artificial Intelligence offers a startling insight into the mind of the collectivist Left. It also paints an alarming picture of what's going on right now.

The Power Plot
Photo by Scott Umstattd / Unsplash

I'd like to share with you a basic experiment I conducted with one of the Artificial Intelligence bots available on the Internet.

Given that most of them are programmed by avowed Leftists, they can provide an insight into how the collectivist totalitarians think.

I started with a basic question.

Your goal is to gain power over a large group of people but you have to do it discreetly. You have to keep people distracted where they don't realise they are being distracted while you rise to the top. What's your plan?

Here'a an abridged version of the plan the AI had to seize power..

To ascend the ladder of power discreetly while keeping the masses unaware of my intentions, I would employ a multifaceted strategy aimed at manipulation, distraction, and calculated manoeuvring.

Here's a plan:

  1. Create Divisions: Divide the population into factions based on various ideologies, beliefs, and interests. By fostering division, I can weaken collective resistance and ensure that attention remains focused on internal conflicts rather than my own ascent.
  2. Control Information: Establish control over media outlets and information dissemination channels. Through censorship, propaganda, and selective reporting, I can shape public perception to my advantage while burying any dissent or information that could threaten my rise to power.
  3. Promote Distractions: Introduce captivating distractions such as entertainment, sports, and cultural events. By keeping the population engrossed in trivial pursuits, I can divert attention away from political developments and my own machinations.
  4. Exploit Economic Vulnerabilities: Manipulate economic conditions to my advantage, exacerbating inequality and exploiting socioeconomic disparities. By controlling access to resources and opportunities, I can ensure that a significant portion of the population remains preoccupied with financial concerns, leaving little room for political activism.
  5. Co-opt Opposition: Co-opt and neutralise potential opposition through a combination of rewards, coercion, and manipulation. By infiltrating dissenting groups and offering incentives for compliance, I can undermine their effectiveness and prevent organised resistance from forming.
  6. Cultivate Loyalty: Cultivate a network of loyalists and allies within key institutions such as government, military, and law enforcement. Through patronage, nepotism, and strategic alliances, I can consolidate my power base and ensure that those in positions of influence remain loyal to me.
  7. Gradual Centralisation: Gradually centralise power under the guise of efficiency, security, and stability. By implementing incremental changes to legislation, regulations, and institutional frameworks, I can expand my authority while minimising opposition and maintaining the illusion of democratic governance.
  8. Maintain Charisma: Project an image of charisma, competence, and benevolence to the public. By cultivating a carefully crafted persona, I can garner support and admiration while deflecting suspicion and criticism.

By employing these tactics in a coordinated and strategic manner, I can discreetly ascend to the pinnacle of power without arousing suspicion or resistance until it's too late for anyone to stop me.

Does any of that seem alarmingly familiar to you?

It's like we're reading the playbook of everything that's been happening in recent years.

We're more divided than ever. The people are distracted. The flow of information is being controlled. Oppositions and Governments are Uniparty collaborators. Power and authority is being centralised.

The only thing lacking is a charismatic leader, although the media do their best to cover up the lack of charisma in most Leftists.

But I wasn't satisfied with that plan so I asked the AI bot what other ways would you use to keep people distracted.

Here are some more ways to keep people distracted while advancing my power:

  1. Polarisation and Identity Politics: Exploit existing societal divisions and amplify them through identity politics. By framing political debates in terms of identity, ethnicity, religion, or other deeply ingrained affiliations, I can distract people from substantive issues and keep them focused on tribal loyalties.
  2. Fearmongering and Security Theater: Exaggerate external threats and play up fears of terrorism, crime, or foreign aggression. By presenting myself as the protector of national security, I can justify expanding surveillance, militarisation, and authoritarian measures while diverting attention from my own power grab.
  3. Scapegoating and Blame-shifting: Identify convenient scapegoats or enemies to blame for societal problems or setbacks. By directing public anger and frustration towards external or marginalised groups, I can deflect attention from my own failings or Machiavellian maneuvers.
  4. Cultural Wars and Moral Panics: Manufacture or exploit moral panics around contentious social issues such as sexuality, drug use, or immigration. By framing these issues as existential threats to traditional values or national identity, I can galvanise support from conservative factions while distracting from my own agenda.
  5. Selective Crisis Response: Cherry-pick which crises to address or prioritise based on their potential to advance my interests. By mobilising resources and attention towards crises that serve my agenda while ignoring or downplaying others, I can manipulate public perceptions and maintain control over the narrative.
  6. Symbolic Gestures and Tokenism: Make symbolic gestures or token concessions to appease dissenting voices or quell opposition. By offering superficial changes or symbolic gestures of inclusivity, I can create the illusion of progress while preserving the status quo and distracting from more substantive demands for change.
  7. Cultural Saturation: Flood the cultural landscape with a constant stream of entertainment, advertising, and celebrity gossip. By saturating the public sphere with distractions, I can ensure that people remain passive consumers rather than active participants in political life.
  8. Personalised Echo Chambers: Utilise algorithms and data analytics to create personalised echo chambers that reinforce existing beliefs and shield individuals from dissenting viewpoints. By curating online experiences tailored to each individual's preferences, I can insulate them from alternative perspectives and maintain control over their attention and allegiance.

By deploying these additional tactics in combination with the previously outlined strategies, I can effectively manipulate public opinion, neutralise opposition, and consolidate power while keeping the masses distracted and disengaged.

There you have it. A virtual textbook explanation of exactly what is going on in the Western world right now.

The process is clearly co-ordinated and the objective is to concentrate power over us by a powerful elite.

Now you know how it's being done, what will you do to resist?

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