The Power of Polarisation

The Labor government have divided the country over a half-baked political policy. Now, they'll look to capitalise on the chaos they have created.

The Power of Polarisation
Photo by Alex Padurariu / Unsplash

It's as if yesterday's column about the aggresive intolerence of the left was prescient.

Shortly after it was published, there was video footage of the abuse of some referendum No voters attending a meeting in Adelaide.

They were confronted with abusive protesters calling them 'racist dogs' and worse.

Here's the footage shot by Senator Alex Antic


Frankly, no-one should have to deal with that simply for expressing their political opinion or attending an information session.

Senator Antic summed it up when he thanked the Prime Minister for dividing the country like never before.

It breaks my heart to see this racist separation take hold as a result of half-baked political policies.

The Prime Minister did none of the ground work necessary for a successful referendum. There was little consultation with the broader community and he made the common mistake of believing his own press.

Many welcomed the Labor government because they said they would govern from the centre and the previous government had lost all credibility. The first twelve months did little to cause alarm but then the radical switch was flipped.

We can redress any legislative policy madness through the parliament but amending our constitution brings all manner of possible changes.

When the voters can't even be told what the potential maybe, any campaign requiring their consent, is doomed to failure.

Unfortunately, whatever the result, Albanese and his cronies will have opened a divide that will be very hard to heal.

The Yes campaigners will paint any defeat as proof that Australia is a racist nation, seeking political advantage of their own failings.

They've seen what unjust claims of racism can do to supercharge a political campaign in America and now they want to do it here.

All these anti-racism campaigns have political power pushing them.

Authoritarianism requires an enemy to unite against. Sometimes that enemy is painted as your fellow citizens, who are to be denounced and silenced.

That's the dangerous realm Australia risks entering into thanks to the racist and divisive Voice.

I can't see that door of division being closed in the near future.

Neither a Yes or No vote will heal the wound that has been opened by pitting one group of Australian's against another over enshrining racial entitlement in our founding document.

Just like the Voice is only the first step in a broader Indigenous plan of Treaty and Truth-telling, the internal rift created is just the beginning of further polarisation of the country.

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