The Plot Thickens

While it's convenient to blame Russia for the plot to kill Zelensky, the dissatisfaction with his puppet-like leadership and corruption means his greatest threat is much closer to home.

The Plot Thickens

As I was sitting down to write this column last night, I saw a segment on the television news that I put firmly in the propaganda camp.

It concerned the assassination plot against Ukraine warlord Volodymyr Zelensky.

The mainstream media informed me that a couple of Russian plants lurking within his personal protection team were trying to recruit others into their plan to thwart 'democracy'.

Ukrainian democracy is a lot like Russian democracy, except no Ukrainians get to vote right now. They don't get to enjoy a free media either, or freedom of religion...but that's all done in the name of avoiding tyranny.

The people who accept that situation are generally the same people who ignore the corruption and dishonesty behind almost every aspect of this war.

That can be traced back to the betrayal of the Minsk agreement (2015) and, more recently, the scuttling of the peace agreement by America and the United Kingdom.

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