The People Will Prevail

As governments use foul means and fair to grab more power and authority, more citizens are awake to the lies. Ultimately, the people will prevail.

The People Will Prevail
Photo by Jason Dent / Unsplash

Yesterday I wrote about how, in years to come, we'll look back and realise that WW3 had already started without most people knowing.

That's because we haven't really experienced any ill-effects in the West.

Sure, we've had some inflation and interest rate rises but life is pretty peachy compared with where we were just a few years ago.

Back then, we were locked down and compelled to undergo experimental medical treatments if we wanted our freedom back.

That pandemic period can now be regarded as the greatest psy-op in history. None of those responsible have been held to account and one cannot foresee that they ever will be.

Perhaps that's not entirely true.

I can't see the individuals responsible being held to account but I can see a day of reckoning for Western governments across the world.

It won't be because of the pandemic but it will be influenced by it.

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