The Pain of Political Betrayal

Most of the big political hits aren't landed by the opposition or the media. The punches that really hurt often come from those closest to you.

The Pain of Political Betrayal

Last weeks political brouhaha was about NSW Premier Domenic Perrottet wearing a Nazi uniform at his 21st birthday party over two decades ago.

There's no doubt it was in bad taste and many will take offence in the decision.

Some of this 'offence' will be genuine. I can only imagine how holocaust survivors and victims, as well as their families must feel in response. So too the broader Jewish community who have been battling anti-semitism for generations.

But no-one can seriously think Perrottet is an anti-semite or a supporter of one of history's most hideous regimes.

I'd suggest quite the opposite. Domenic Perrottet is a thoroughly decent man who made a mistake when he was 21.

Who among us hasn't make any number of silly decisions through the intemperance of youth?

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