The Pain of Going Green

Electricity costs are smashing household budgets and our politicians are the ones responsible.

The Pain of Going Green
Photo by Anders J / Unsplash

How many times have we been told that renewables provide the cheapest electricity available?

I’d wager it’s too many to count.

But isn’t it strange how the more renewables we feed into the grid, the more expensive our electricity prices become. And yes, there is a direct correlation. We phase out fossil fuels and prices go up.

There’s also causation. Renewables are unreliable and inefficient, and when they aren’t available our electricity supply is cactus.

In fact the entire electricity system is cactus. That’s why prices are skyrocketing.

You may have received notice this week that your retail supply cost is going up next month. I certainly did. In my case prices are set to more than double…from 29 cents per kilowatt hour to 59 cents.

For those already labouring under cost of living pressures caused by mortgage rate rises, food inflation and dreadful political policies, this is going to be a monumental blow to your budget.

And it’s going to get worse because business is being hit with electricity rises too.

Few will have any option other than to pass the costs on in the prices of their products. That’s more pain for your household budget.

When you feel that hit in your hip pocket, remember who’s to blame.

It’s your politicians who have done this.

It’s not just Labor either. The current government has made things worse than they otherwise would be but the renewable electricity con job was rabid under the coalition too.

With few exceptions, they being people like Matt Canavan, Alex Antic, Pauline Hanson and Gerard Rennick, most of the careerists went along quietly with whatever green madness was proposed.

In doing so, they showed they don’t give a hoot about you and your family.

They don’t care about smashing our great economic advantage, cheap and reliable power. They demonstrated they care only for political pain relief in the hope their careers could continue.

You see, when you are on a $300k plus package of perks, like the parliamentary backbenchers are, life is peachy. You get your $20K per month (that's after tax) into your bank account, whether you do a good job or not.

You get a free car and fuel, free internet and telephone, you get wined and dined like royalty. So a few hundred dollars a month more on the electricity bill doesn’t mean much.

These Princes and Princesses of politics have forgotten how much that means to so many in Australia who are already struggling to stay financially afloat.

Instead of taking their cues from what’s good for the country, they’ve all surrendered to the likes of Greta Thunberg and the fat cats at the United Nations.

When your newly inflated  electricity bill comes in, after you pay it, send a copy off to your local politician with a tersely worded note telling them you know who is to blame.

It probably won’t make much difference, because most of them don’t listen anyway, but if you send it using their reply paid address, at least it reduces their ability to promote their own propaganda. That's a win for all of us.

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