The NDIS Rort

The NDIS is a perpetual money machine for criminal gangs and some service providers. Faced with exploding costs, the rorts need to be stopped

The NDIS Rort

The NDIS is the proverbial straw that will break Australia's economic back.

I've written about it before. It's a well intentioned scheme that was poorly designed and was always going to blow up the budget.

That's because politicians don't have the spine to pick winners and losers in the disability space.  That means everyone who gets to play wins a big financial prize.

There are now services that will prepare a diagnosis of autism just so that families will be able to get on the NDIS. I suspect in many cases, if it wasn't for the honeypot of cash, the child would never have been seen as 'disabled'.

In short, the scheme is being rorted big time and the government know it.

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