The Money Glitch

Michael Saylor seems to have found a glitch in the money matrix which is allowing his company to print profits. Here's how.

The Money Glitch
Photo by Alexander Mils / Unsplash

It's time to step away from the doom-and-gloom description of the current state of the world.

Instead, I want to discuss one of the most incredible self-fulfilling feedback loops I have encountered in the financial markets.

It involves Michael Saylor, the genius behind MicroStrategy (MSTR).

I've written about Saylor and MSTR, suggesting the company was a convenient way to gain leveraged exposure to Bitcoin (BTC).

Microstrategy is now one of the largest holders of Bitcoin in the world, with close to one per cent of the total final supply.

Some years ago, Saylor borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars at meagre interest rates to purchase BTC, secured by MSTR stock.


He continued to add to those holdings throughout the bear market and is now sitting on billions in profits.

That's reflected in the MSTR stock price, which was languishing around US $150 at the start of 2023 but is now close to US $1900.

That's a near 13 fold increase in a little over a year!

Saylor seems to know his stock is now overvalued, and he continues to think Bitcoin is undervalued.

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